SCADAPack Controllers

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  • 4 analog inputs and 6 digital I/O
  • One RS-232 and one configurable RS-232/485
  • Optional integrated spread spectrum radio
  • Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area Rating
  • Single run custody transfer flow computer
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labor


The SCADAPack 100 is a small footprint controller that comes complete with an integrated power supply, analog and digital I/O, serial communications and a counter input. Application programs can be written in Relay Ladder Logic, IEC 61131-3 and the C language.

The SCADAPack 100 has four analog input channels. Three analog inputs are user configurable for either 5V or 20mA operation and one is a 32V analog input. The SCADAPack 100 has six digital I/O points, each capable of sinking 1A or monitoring a dry contact closure. There is a high level counter input for use with open collector/drain output amplifiers. The counter input has a maximum input frequency of 5kHz.

There are two serial communication ports. One serial port can be operated as either an RS-485 port with multivariable transmitters or an RS-232 port. The second serial port is RS-232. The SCADAPack 100 supports direct wired, telephone and radio communication.

As of October 2004 the SCADAPack 100 controller has been upgraded to include more memory to run larger applications and, if needed, a single gas flow computer. The versions of the SCADAPack 100 are identical in every way except for the difference in memory size.

The controller type for the original version of the SCADAPack 100 is SCADAPack 100:256K. This controller type has a total of 256K CMOS non-volatile (battery backed) RAM and will have a controller ID of A182921 or less.

The controller type for the current version of SCADAPack 100 is SCADAPack 100: 1024K. This controller type has a total of 1024K CMOS non-volatile (battery backed) RAM and will have a controller ID of A182922 or newer.

An EEPROM (1 Kbytes) stores configuration parameters. A real time clock calendar provides for time of day operations and alarms. A hardware watchdog timer protects against application program failures.


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SCADAPack 100

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P100 SCADPack 100
Wireless P100 Wireless SCADPack 100
Ethernet SCADAPack 100 Ethernet SCADAPack 100