SCADAPack Controllers


I am having difficulty communicating to a 4202 over a Freewave radio network. The remote 4202 is wired directly to the Freewave radio using a RS485 2-wire connection. When reconfiguring the Freewave radio and the 4202 to using a RS232 connection, RealFlo will communicate without any errors.


SCADAWave Radio (Freewave)

SCADASense 4202DS


The following setting will need to be modified in the remote Freewave radio to establish communication when using RS485 (2-Wire) connection.

Setup changes in radio:

  • Turn Off Delay = 4
  • ModBus RTU = 1
  • Master Packet Repeat = 3
  • Select RS485 for the COM port
  • Select Diag Only for Setup port

The screen captures below indicate where the options are located in the Freewave radio software.


Freewave RS485 2-Wire

Connect RX + and TX + together and connect RX - and TX - together

4 - GND

5 - RX +

6 - TX +

7 - RX -

8 - TX -

Pinouts for the Freewave Radio RS485 connection can be found in the hardware manual located on the CMI website.