General Information

This note describes the changes included in Vision 2.07 Build 5 released on October 2, 2008.

New Features in Vision 2.07

  • A new feature named the Conversion Utility is added to the Vision software. This utility is used to convert existing Vision 50 applications to Vision 60 applications. 

Issues Corrected from Vision 2.06

  • Unsupported system registers are removed from the Tags menu.
  • The Copy Tag to STR is removed from all menus when a configuration file is opened for a VISION 60. The Vision 60 does not use the STR register.
  • The Ladder Logic download screen is removed from the download window. Ladder Logic is not supported in the Vision 60.
  • An issue where communication would not recover between a Vision 60 and a node in a multi-node application if communication were interrupted has been corrected.
  • Alignment of floating point numbers is corrected to ensure the decimal point position does not change when the floating point value changes.
  • An issue is corrected where the order of displayed alarms was changed when power to the VISION 60 was cycled. Alarms from the first 3 alarm registers were displayed at the end of the alarm list when they should be at the beginning of the alarm list.
  • The Wait Till task in the Vision 50 is corrected so that the second operand can be a Tag or Register. The Wait Till task would only work if the second operand was a constant.
  • The display data option is corrected to ensure floating point data is properly displayed.
  • An issue is corrected where the Application Task List / Power-On Tasks created in Vision 2.05 would not use the correct tags when opened in Vision version 2.06.
  • An issue is corrected where the floating point High Word / Low Word formats were different in the Vision 50 and the Vision 60. Both the Vision 50 and Vision 60 use the same format.
  • Math operations are corrected to ensure the add, subtract, multiply and divide functions work properly. Previously the add and subtract functions were swapped and the multiply and divide functions were swapped.
  • The storage and operating temperatures for the Vision 10, Vision 50 and Vision 60 were added to the user manual.
  • Additional corrections mad to the user manual.