General Information

The expected availability for this VISION Configuration Software release is June 30, 2004.

VISION Configuration Software Version 2.04 Features

  • Added support for the new SCADAPack Vision 50 display, which has an 80-character (four lines x 20 characters) LCD that displays the data on a series of screens. Twenty-one function buttons are available to navigate through these screens, enter data or control power to the unit.
  • Corrected issue with "Write value to Tag" for floating point numbers.
  • Improved displaying of alarms such that 16 of 31 active alarms can now be displayed.

Product change Details

VISION configuration software version 2.04 requires that firmware V1.00M and driver V58.00B are loaded in the SCADAPack Vision-10 display, and firmware V1.00A and driver V58.00A in the SCADAPack Vision-50 display. The firmware and drivers are copied to the "...Vision\Drivers" folder during the VISION Configuration Software installation.