General Information

The expected availability for this VISION Configuration Software release is January 13, 2004.

VISION Configuration Software Version 2.03 Features

  • Setup menu added to the distribution CD.
  • Acrobat Reader removed from the Setup program. The reader is included as a separate installation on the distribution CD.
  • Support for serial ports above COM4 added.
  • Increased number of available alarms in the alarm list from 16 to 32.
  • Improved display of alarms so that number of displayed characters including spaces is 16.
  • Corrected deleting alarms from alarm list issue with previous VISION version.
  • Improved "Open" and "Save" operations on VISION configuration files.

Product or product change Details

VISION configuration software version 2.03 requires that firmware V1.00L and driver V58.00B is loaded in the SCADAPack Vision-10 display.