General Information

This technical notice describes the changes included in 5.3.1. The software is available now.

Changes Made

  • TelePACE Studio version 5.2.1 replaced with version 5.3.1.

Improvements made in 5.3.1

  • Added support for Windows 10 and discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Updated the web site link on the installer menu.
  • Added cybersecurity topic to user manual.
  • Removed the registration feature. Telepace Studio will no longer ask the user to register the application the first time it is run.
  • Updated SCADAPack 300 series, SolarPack, NOCT60, and 4203 firmware to version 1.76.

Issues Resolved from 5.2.1

  • Configuration will not be written when the IP address of a DNP routing entry is the same as the controller IP address. Previously, this invalid configuration was not checked and could result in a non-responsive controller.
  • Corrected a problem with the Edit Register dialog where the second column would gradually shift to the right each time the dialog was opened.
  • Corrected a problem with opening a file with an error in element configuration. The problem was introduced in Telepace Studio 5.2.1 and prevented opening files that could be opened in earlier versions.
  • Project modified flag is now cleared when a project is saved and immediately re-opened.
  • Corrected a mismatch in the register assignment settings when the default module address was changed. The mismatch would prevent going into online modes.
  • Changed the MSIP function block editor to allow using slave address 0 (broadcast) with read commands.
  • Corrected blurry title bar when Telepace Studio application is maximized.
  • DNP settings will not be written to the controller when DNP is not enabled on any interface. Previously, the controller would reject the configuration when it was written.

Upgrade Procedures

  • You can obtain a copy of the latest version of TelePACE Studio by contacting Schneider Electric TRSS Sales Support (
  • Run Setup.exe to install TelePACE Studio. You do not need to uninstall, the installer will replace any earlier version of TelePACE Studio.