General Information

This note describes the changes included in TelePACE 5.2.1 released on October 30, 2015.

Changes Made

  • TelePACE Studio version 5.0.9 replaced with version 5.2.1.

Improvements Made in 5.2.1

New Features

Support for NOCT60 added. This option requires Realflo 6.93.1.

Support added for new license options for liquid flow computers (introduced in Realflo 6.90.1) and for NOCT60 (introduced in Realflo 6.93.1).

Telepace Studio now supports Windows 8.

A lasso function has been added that enables the user to select context menu items on more than one function block in the logic.


These corrections were made to Telepace Studio.

  • Printing a project now prints the complete output.
  • Firmware update process has been improved to increase its reliability.
  • MSTR registers are now listed as used and can be found by searching.
  • Right-clicking on the canvas now selects the correct function block.
  • The time available to load a flow computer has been increased to 30,000 ms to enable Telepace Studio to load a large program.

These corrections were made to the documentation.

  • The description of Store and Forward address ranges has been corrected.
  • In the Register Assignment Reference, the Controller Input Voltage module has been added to the Analog Input section.
  • The documentation has been updated to state that using timers in a sub-routine is counter-indicated.
  • The documentation now indicates that the DLOG function block code 12, "The log ID is invalid or has not been created" can also occur when the RAM battery is low.
  • Documentation indicates that DLGF will return 17 (invalid configuration) if the full file handling parameter is overwrite the oldest log file and the number of log files is 1.
  • Documentation now indicates that the DLGF data log files cannot use more than 90% (approximately 5,400 kB) of the file system space.

Upgrade Procedures

  • You can obtain a copy of the latest version of TelePACE Studio by contacting Schneider Electric TRSS Sales Support (
  • Run Setup.exe to install TelePACE Studio. You do not need to uninstall, the installer will replace any earlier version of TelePACE Studio.