General Information

This note describes the changes included in TelePACE 5.0.7 released on June 7, 2013.

Changes Made

  • TelePACE Studio version 5.0.6 replaced with version 5.0.7.
  • TelePACE Studio Evaluation version 5.0.6 replaced with version 5.0.7.

Improvements Made in 5.0.7

  • Change installer website link to TRSS specific page
  • Security update

Issues Corrected in 5.0.7

  • Problems while online when register editor has register being displayed in more than one format
  • DLGF - Logging Field Out of Range for Time & Date
  • Store and Forward documentation should state restrictions only for 16-bit controllers not SCADAPack 32
  • Diagnostic Window does not include messages logged during New File creation

Upgrade Procedures

  • You can obtain a copy of TelePACE Studio 5.0.7 by contacting Schneider Electric TRSS Sales Support (
  • Run Setup.exe to install TelePACE Studio. You do not need to uninstall, the installer will replace any earlier version of TelePACE Studio.