General Information

This note describes the changes included in TelePACE 5.0.6 released on February 4, 2013.

Changes Made

  • TelePACE Studio version 5.0.5 (build 1688) replaced with version 5.0.6.
  • TelePACE Studio Evaluation version 5.0.5 (build 1688) replaced with version 5.0.6.

Improvements Made in 5.0.6

  • Documentation should note that longer timeouts are needed for low baud rates when using File Management
  • Telepace Studio should only require the .LAD file from TelePACE3 when importing
  • Add Apply Button to Register Editor dialog
  • Limit Flowstation DHCP server to maximum 21 IP leases
  • Improve speed of Binary to CSV Data conversion on large datasets

Issues Corrected in 5.0.6

  • Application must be restarted to clear communication message "Cannot send. A previous command is executing."
  • Find Next by function block name jumps to unexpected function blocks.
  • Incorrect DIAG DNP Connection Status documentation
  • OneCell.SetImage() exception reported while monitoring online
  • Asia Pacific technical support email address is wrong in TPS 5.x manual
  • SHUNTS topic in manual should include short-cut key for horizontal shunt to be consistent.
  • SCAL Block Documentation register list is incorrect
  • Program Status shows zero RAM usage before and after program download
  • Unable to change Protocol Type in an MSIP block
  • Search does not find all registers used by a block
  • Cryptic "InvalidArgument=Value" message when validation fails on invalid program file
  • TOTL Function Block Properties doesn't list all the registers used if you change the number of records
  • Windows are not large enough if default text size is changed
  • Search does not find all registers within a FLOW or TOTL block
  • Search for tag name does not find all instances of the tag
  • Telepace incorrectly reports a register assignment written by Realflo does not match the Telepace register assignment.
  • Monitor Element dialog is too small
  • Search for Used Registers Does Not Work properly
  • Missing documentation for Modbus/TCP, Modbus in TCP, Modbus/UDP protocols
  • Missing Release Notes 5.0.3 to 5.0.5
  • File Management error message does not clearly indicate Copy files between Local and Controller did not succeed.
  • Check for DNP settings match is affected by Windows regional settings. See notes below on how this affects users. See notes below on how this affects users.

Notes regarding Windows Regional Settings:

  • Users that have saved programs with regional settings that differ from US English must follow this procedure to update their programs.
    • Save the program to file using Telepace 5.0.5.
    • Make a copy of the file (just in case something goes wrong).
    • Write the program to the controller using Telepace 5.0.5.
    • Open the program file in Telepace 5.0.6.
    • Attempt to go on-line with the controller. If this succeeds you are done. The program was not affected by Windows Regional Settings
    • If you cannot go on-line, read the program from the controller in Telepace 5.0.6. This will read the (correct) program back from the controller into memory.
    • Save the program to file in Telepace 5.0.6. This will save the file in a format not affected by Windows regional settings.
  • Users can verify the new program file is correct using this process.
    • Close Telepace.
    • Open Telepace 5.0.6
    • Open the new file.
    • Go on-line with the controller. Observe this works.
  • Not all users using a different region than US English are affected. Some regions have the same values as US English for relevant settings. For example Canadian English users are not affected.

Upgrade Procedures

  • You can obtain a copy of TelePACE Studio 5.0.6 by contacting Schneider Electric TRSS Sales Support (
  • Run Setup.exe to install TelePACE Studio. You do not need to uninstall, the installer will replace any earlier version of TelePACE Studio.