General Information

This Release Note describes changes completed in the SCADAPack and SCADASense Firmware 2.45, released on May 6, 2008.

Software and Hardware Relevant to this Release

  • Firmware Loader version 2.50 Firmware Loader version 2.45 contains this version of the firmware.
  • TelePACE Version 3.30 is the currently released version of TelePACE.
  • ISaGRAF Version 2.40 is the currently released version of ISaGRAF.
  • RealFLO version 6.51 (Application and Flow Computer) is the currently released version of RealFLO.

Issues Resolved from SCADAPack and SCADASense Firmware 2.44

The following issues identified in the SCADAPack firmware version 2.44 have been resolved in the current release.

  • DNP operation is corrected to ensure responses to master station messages do not get out of synchronization. It was possible for a message to be flagged as failed but remain in the receiver buffer. The failed message would get processed and responded to as soon as another message was received. The outstation could remain in this out of synchronization state until the controller was restarted.