General Information

This Release Note describes changes completed in the SCADAPack and SCADASense Firmware 2.44, released on January 31, 2008.

Software and Hardware Relevant to this Release

  • Firmware Loader version 2.45 contains this version of the firmware.
  • RealFLO version 6.41 (Application and Flow Computer) is the currently released version of RealFLO.
  • TelePACE Ladder Logic version 3.23 is the currently released version of TelePACE.
  • ISaGRAF Workbench Extensions version 2.33 is the currently released version of ISaGRAF.

New Features in SCADAPack and SCADASense 4202 Firmware 2.44

  • Support for Device Configuration registers which provides a method for users to assign an ID number to the applications running in a SCADAPack or SCADASense controller. Device Configuration registers are user configured to contain the Company ID, Logic Application number and logic Application version. This information is then saved in a group of reserved registers in the I/O database.
  • A new DNP feature, Unsolicited Back off Time, is added to the DNP Configuration. This new feature controls a time that for retrying transmission of unsolicited messages. Whenever a DNP unsolicited message fails, including all its retries, an unsolicited back off timer is initiated. After the configured time delay has passed the unsolicited message is sent again. This process is repeated continuously until the unsolicited message is successfully sent and acknowledged.

Issues Resolved from SCADAPack and SCADASense Firmware 2.43

The following issues identified in the SCADAPack firmware version 2.43 have been resolved in the current release.

  • The display configuration for SCADASense 4202 was lost during a power cycle resulting in a blank display. This is corrected to ensure the display configuration is retained through a power cycle.
  • DNP operation is corrected to ensure that when a new unsolicited message is sent the message includes all pending data.
  • A flag has been added to each DNP event indicating when the event has been reported and confirmed. This flag ensures that all events are correctly reported to all masters in a multiple master system.
  • An error is corrected where the Ladder Logic table is shifted during an online edit but the Ladder Logic history table was not updated. The effect of this was that Ladder Logic function blocks that detect a rising edge or falling edge transition on the inputs would falsely detect a transition if On Line editing was done in a network before the function block. Affected Ladder Logic function blocks were: One Shot Coil, OVER, UCTR, DCTR, PULS, PULM, MSTR, MSIP (in 32 bit controllers), PID, PIDA, PIDD, DIAL, INIM, HART, FLOW, DLOG, GETL, SCAL, TOTL, DEVT and DUNS.