General Information

This Release Note describes changes completed in the SCADAPack and SCADASense Firmware 2.43, released on October 1, 2007.

Issues Resolved from SCADAPack and SCADASense Firmware 2.42

The following issues identified in the SCADAPack firmware version 2.42 have been resolved in the current release.

  • The issue where the foxcomDispatcher holds IO_SYSTEM when releasing the processor has been corrected
  • The PIDA function (velocity algorithm) has been corrected. The function was missing from C Tools API
  • DNP memory pre-allocated. This includes event buffer packing algorithm to prevent gaps. The memory is pre-allocated at download time for the complete event buffer.
  • The issue where the Maximum message length 'not being respected' has been corrected.
  • The code has been corrected for the Master Mimic controller. In this case the controller would stop polling
  • An issue has been corrected where the 'Report only level 2 objects' in class Polls only works for Class 0 polls
  • A correction was made to all unsolicited data because of smaller message sizes not being reported
  • An issue was corrected where the 'Need Time' flag was not set when expected.