General Information

This technical notice describes the changes included in 8.14.4. The software is available now.

53xE and 6601 Firmware Version compatibility table

Customer Guidance

6601 upgrade recommendations: It is recommended that 6601 I/O modules have their firmware upgraded to 1.80.6 or 1.80.10 and bootloader upgraded to 1.80.6 or 1.80.10. If extended over-range is required, a return to a Schneider Electric facility is needed to recalibrate the analog inputs.

6601 minimum firmware version: 6601 I/O modules shipped from the factory with 1.80.6 firmware or later should not be downgraded to versions earlier than 1.80.6.

6601 bootloader upgrade mechanism: The command line command “restart iofirm <filename> <module address>” is provided for 6601 firmware upgrades. The 6601 firmware upgrade command can be used to upgrade the 6601 bootloader. This is only supported on RTU firmware 8.12.6 and later and 6601 firmware 1.80.6 and later. “restart iofirm bl6601.bin <module address>” will apply bootloader file bl6601.bin. The filename bl6601.bin is the only filename that is accepted for the bootloader. Other file names will result in an attempt to patch the 6601 firmware and not the 6601 bootloader. The 6601 bootloader version is not reported on the command line.

53xE minimum firmware version: If there is an attached 6601 or a built in 6601 (535E) the device firmware version should be 8.12.6 or later.





If you use firmware versions that are incompatible with extended over-range capabilities on 6601 analog inputs, 6601 analog inputs may report values 10% lower than the actual value.

Use only firmware versions that are compatible with extended over-range capabilities. Do not use a 530E or 535E 8.12.5 firmware in conjunction with a 6601 1.80.6 or later with extended over-range. They are not compatible. Do not use 6601 firmware 1.77.131 or earlier with an extended over-range calibration. They are not compatible

Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.


A new version of 6601 I/O module firmware and bootloader was released in tandem with 8.12.6. A new calibration format for 6601 analog inputs was added to support extended over-range capability. Interoperability of various versions of firmware and calibration is described below.

  SP53xE Firmware 6601 Firmware 6601 Calibration 6601 AI Value Over-range Comment
8.12.5 or earlier 1.77.131 or earlier 0 to 20mA Reported normally Always active at 20.05mA
8.12.6 or later 1.77. 131 or earlier 0 to 20mA Reported normally Always active at 20.05mA
8.12.5 or earlier 1.80.06 or later 0 to 20mA Reported normally Always active at 20.05mA 6601 I/O modules upgraded to 1.80.6 from earlier versions will leave calibration unchanged. Recommended for upgrading systems that do not require extended over-range.
8.12.6 or later 1.80.06 or later 0 to 20mA Reported normally Always active at 20.05mA
8.12.6 or later 1.80.06 or later 0 to 22mA Reported normally Always active at 22.00mA Recommended choice for new installations
X 8.12.5 or earlier 1.77. 131 or earlier 0 to 22mA AI report. 10% lower values Always active at 20.05mA NOT RECOMMENDED. Should only occur when a 6601 is mistakenly downgraded from 1.80.6 to an earlier version.
X 8.12.6 or later 1.77. 131 or earlier 0 to 22mA AI report. 10% lower values Always active at 20.05mA NOT RECOMMENDED. Should only occur when a 6601 is mistakenly downgraded from 1.80.6 to an earlier version.
X 8.12.5 or earlier 1.80.06 or later 0 to 22mA AI report. 10% lower values Always active at 20.05mA NOT RECOMMENDED. When adding new 6601 I/O modules to existing systems, RTU firmware should be upgraded to 8.12.6 or later. If this is not practical, contact technical support.

New Features in 8.14.4

  • · Feature: Configurable Modbus TCP server timeout

Summary: The Modbus TCP server inactivity timeout is now a configurable value, ranging from the default value of 60 seconds up to a maximum value of 86400 seconds (1 day). Previously this value was fixed at 60 seconds.

Engineering reference: FE-3117

Issues Resolved from 8.14.4

  • Feature Affected: Firmware update

Issue: Some configured RTUs that were upgraded from 8.05.* firmware versions to 8.14.3 firmware version would experience RTU restarts.
Resolution: The issue has been resolved in the firmware and no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: FE-3936

  • Feature Affected: IEC-60870-5-104 slave

Issue: Master connections to the IEC-60870-5-104 slave would periodically have the TCP socket disconnected after 30 seconds to a minute. A new TCP connection would be established shortly afterwards but this pattern of disconnection and reconnection would persist.
Resolution: This issue no longer occurs. The issue related to the optional dual communication channel feature of the 104 slave and incorrect information being stored about the dual communication channels.

Engineering reference: FE-3950

  • Feature Affected: TCP protocol communications

Issue: SCADAPack 300E RTUs would eventually refuse TCP connections if being polled by a Modbus Master over GPRS modem at a rate slower than the fixed Modbus TCP inactivity timeout of 60 seconds.
Resolution: This issue was related to the management of IP resources in the SCADAPack 300E. The Modbus TCP inactivity timeout has been made configurable to avoid this situation. The issue does not occur over direct Ethernet communications.

Engineering reference: FE-3946

  • Feature Affected: Identification String System points

Issue: Identification String System points were not being correctly saved by the RTU.
Resolution: Identification String System points are now properly read from configurations and written to configurations by the RTU.

Engineering reference: FE-3965

  • Feature Affected: Trend Sampler

Issue: Trend timestamps were sometimes duplicated when a sampler file was automatically closed.
Resolution: This issue no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: FE-3961

  • Feature Affected: Memory usage statistics

Issue: The memory usage statistics were incorrectly reporting space usage information for some USB memory sticks.
Resolution: The correct memory usage statistics are now reported.

Engineering reference: FE-3944

  • Feature Affected: Modbus Scanner

Issue: The Modbus Scanner’s Write Outputs “At scan rate” option was not working correctly for writes to Modbus coils.
Resolution: This issue no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: FE-3942, FE-3877

  • Feature Affected: Modbus TCP communications

Issue: It was possible for Modbus TCP communications initiated via logic to cause DCU resource exhaustion when communications with a remote device were interrupted.
Resolution: The way Modbus TCP communications are sent has been modified so that when communications with a remote device are interrupted, DCU resource exhaustion does not occur

Engineering reference: FE-3911

  • Feature Affected: Target 5 logic programs

Issue: High scan times were seen on some 300E Target 5 resources. Firmware versions prior to 8.14.1 did not experience this issue.
Resolution: Scan times have been significantly improved.

Engineering reference: FE-3879

  • Feature Affected: Triggered events

Issue: Triggered events were not being correctly generated when Over-range and Under-range settings were exceeded. These events were only generated as buffered events.
Resolution: Triggered Over-range and Under-range events are now correctly classified.

Engineering reference: FE-3863

  • Feature Affected: 5000 series I/O

Issue: 5000 I/O module communications would experience communications failures when a 5103 power module had a fuse that had blown out due to an unrelated current surge.
Resolution: This issue only occurs in 8.12.* firmware versions. Firmware versions 8.14.1 and later do not experience the issue, since it was addressed by other corrections.

Engineering reference: FE-3773

  • Feature Affected: RTU configuration

Issue: A processor exception in the ISAKER task would occasionally occur when reconfiguring an RTU for certain configurations.
Resolution: The issue no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: FE-2202

  • Feature Affected: SCADAPack E-Configurator

Issue: SPE Configurator would accept invalid Modbus Scanner parameters and would crash.
Resolution: Parameter validation has been improved.

Engineering reference: ESC-1148

  • Feature Affected: System point descriptions.

Issue: Analog system points 50082, 50090 and 50091 were not clearly explained in the documentation.
Resolution: Analog system point descriptions have been updated for the various RTU platforms.

Engineering reference: FE-3650, CER-1562

Software Relevant to this Release

  • SCADAPack E Configurator application version is
  • Firmware version is for SCADAPack 53xE and for all other platforms.
  • 6601 I/O module firmware version 1.80.10
  • 6601 I/O module bootloader version 1.80.10