General Information

The expected availability of this firmware release is May 14, 2004

SCADAPack 32 Firmware version 1.24 Features

  • Support for Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is added.
  • Added Enron Modbus Master support.
  • Corrected issues with DIO state changing and communication on power-up of the 5604 I/O module.
  • Improved functioning of Ethernet and COM ports and enabled initialization of the controller through COM3 port.
  • Controller's default setting changed to match DNP in TCP default setting and resolved issues with DNP host recovering and clearing events after Data Link confirmations are turned on.
  • The handling of Master IP connections that are started by the C application (e.g. Flow Computer connections to a 4102) is optimized to ensure that they are closed when the C application is stopped or re-started.

SCADAPack 32 Firmware version 1.24 Details

This firmware version is available in Firmware Loader Version 1.37 build 7.

  • For SCADAPack 32 controllers using TelePACE, firmware file SCADAPack32 TelePACE 1.24.mot is required.
  • For SCADAPack 32 controllers using ISaGRAF, firmware file SCADAPack32 ISaGRAF 1.24.mot is required