General Information

Release Note Updates

If you wish to receive an update whenever a new software or firmware version is available for a particular product, a wiki user can choose to watch a particular page in order to be notified of future changes. A small envelope icon near the top right is used to watch or remove a watch.

To view your personal settings when logged in, go to the top of any wiki page and select File, Account, Preferences: (userid)

To view/manage the pages currently being watched

Select the Watches tab to view list of pages currently being watched. The envelope icon on the right will remove a particular page from your watch list.

To receive notification of child page updates

From the Edit Profile tab, select Notification Preferences and check the Notify Child Pages Updates box. Selecting this check box will allow notification of changes to any watched page and of any child page such as a new release note.

To subscribe to daily updates

From the Edit Profile tab, select Email Preferences and check the Subscribe to daily updates box. The daily updates email contains a summary of all changes made to spaces you can see.