General Information

This technical notice describes the changes included in R2.1. The software is available now.

Application and Firmware Versions

SCADAPack x70 RemoteConnect application version is 3.4.2

SCADAPack x70 English Documentation version is 3.4.2

SCADAPack x70 French Documentation version is 1.2.3

SCADAPack x70 Security Administrator version is 1.2.0

SCADAPack 57x Firmware version is 9.1.2

6601 I/O module firmware version 1.80.10

6601 I/O module bootloader version 1.80.10

6602 I/O module firmware version 1.77.64

6602 I/O module bootloader version 1.77.64

New Features in R2.1

  •  Feature: SCADAPack RAM battery status reporting.

Summary: The RAM battery voltage is now exposed via SYSTEM DATA in addition to the RAM battery state and is displayed on the RemoteConnect Online Status page. The RAM battery state has had a value deadband of 100 mVdc added to it. It will report low battery at 3 Vdc and return to reporting good battery at 3.1 Vdc.

Engineering reference: FUN-1341, FUN-1405, RSC-2605

  • Feature: System Status Codes

Summary: The following system status codes have been added:

1013: Object creation error

1014: Object deletion error

1037: File system has insufficient space to carry out operation

1038: Unable to create object due to insufficient configuration memory space

3300: One or more default IP Whitelist rules was not successfully applied

3301: A user-created IP Whitelist rule was not successfully applied

Engineering reference: DSUM-939, RSC-2678, RSC-2676, RSC-2646, FUN-1374

  • Feature: RemoteConnect “Get Device Information” command

Summary: RemoteConnect now supports generating and collecting a diagnostic file from the RTU with a single command. The “Get Device Information” command has the SCADAPack generate a file that includes the output of many common commands and then transfers the file to the PC. This file is typically used by technical support to help diagnose operational issues.

Engineering reference: RSC-2599

  • Feature: Logic editor system bits

Summary: System bit %S51 is supported and displays the same information as System Data SYS_CLOCK_QualityAlert. It represents the quality of the real-time clock.

Engineering reference: FUN-1390, DSUM-956

  • Feature: Modbus TCP server

Summary: The inactivity timeout for Modbus TCP server connections is configurable. It was fixed at 60 seconds in previous versions of SCADAPack x70 firmware.

Engineering reference: FUN-1397

  • Feature: RemoteConnect serial port 5 Vdc line

Summary: RemoteConnect can configure the state of the 5 Vdc power line on the serial ports. This was previously possible only via logic.

Engineering reference: RSC-2079

  • Feature: 6602 Hart Analog module

Summary: Support has been added for one 6602 HART Analog module to connect to the SCADAPack 570, 574, and 575.

Engineering reference: RSC-2497

  • Feature: DNP3 Device Trouble Internal Indication(IIN)

Summary: The SCADAPack now raises DNP3 Device Trouble IIN 1.6 when the NVRAM battery has a low voltage or a real-time clock issue is detected.

Engineering reference: DSUM-999

Issues Resolved from R2.0

  • Feature Affected: Modbus Scanner

Issue: The SCADAPack would report system status code 1350 (Modbus Master/Client invalid Slave Device configuration) after the application of some legitimate configurations.
Resolution: The SCADAPack does not report system status code 1350 for legitimate configurations.

Engineering reference: FUN-1372

  • Feature Affected: Modbus TCP Server

Issue: The Modbus TCP Server unit identifier configuration would not always be applied after reconfiguration and would require a restart to be applied.
Resolution: The Modbus TCP Server unit identifier configuration is applied after reconfiguration.

Engineering reference: FUN-1373, RSC-2619

  • Feature Affected: CHM help files

Issue: The manuals opened via RemoteConnect context sensitive help (F1 key) could lock up when a link in the manual was clicked on. Process Scrubber would be required to close the help file. This was a Microsoft CHM issue.
Resolution: The Microsoft CHM issue persists but manuals opened via context sensitive help now have cross-manual links disabled to prevent this issue from occurring. The full documentation set opened via the start menu or RemoteConnect Help menu option still has working cross-manual links.

Engineering reference: DSUM-926

  • Feature Affected: Modbus Master and Slave

Issue: The SCADAPack permitted the use of the same Modbus address as both slave and master on the same port. This produced unreliable communications.
Resolution: RemoteConnect and the SCADAPack now restrict the configuration of the same Modbus address as both Master and Slave on any given serial port.

Engineering reference: FUN-1057, FUN-1406, RSC-2651

  • Feature Affected: Modbus

Issue: The description of Modbus exception code 04 in SCADAPack diagnostics was incorrect.
Resolution: The description of Modbus exception code 04 has been updated from "Illegal Response Length" to “Slave Device Failure” to be in line with current standards.

Engineering reference: FUN-1342

  • Feature Affected: RemoteConnect Recent Projects

Issue: RemoteConnect would display Excel export files and other file types in the list of Recent Projects. When selected these would not work.
Resolution: The RemoteConnect Recent Projects list is now restricted to project files.

Engineering reference: RSC-2570

  • Feature Affected: DNP3 Counter Initialization

Issue: The DNP3 counter write command would only be processed if the initialization value was zero.
Resolution: The DNP3 counter write command is processed regardless of the initialization value.

Engineering reference: FUN-1240

  • Feature Affected: IP forwarding

Issue: The IP forwarding feature was enabled after a factory boot of the SCADAPack. The RemoteConnect default configuration is to have IP forwarding disabled.
Resolution: The IP forwarding feature is now disabled after a factory boot of the SCADAPack.

Engineering reference: FUN-1323

  • Feature Affected: File deletion

Issue: The number of files reported as deleted by the delete command would count directories traversed as well as files deleted.
Resolution: The delete command reports the number of files deleted.

Engineering reference: FUN-1335

  • Feature Affected: FILEDIAG command

Issue: The FILEDIAG command argument requirements were not clearly specified in the command line help and it was easy to enter an invalid command without it being clear why the command was rejected.
Resolution: The FILEDIAG command arguments have been made more robust and flexible to allow a greater range of inputs to be processed.

Engineering reference: FUN-1383

  • Feature Affected: RS485 serial port communications

Issue: Some configurations using RS485 serial communications would experience software task watchdogs, which would then prompt the SCADAPack to restart. This typically occurred only under heavier serial communication loads.
Resolution: The software task watchdog no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: FUN-1403, FUN-1415

  • Feature Affected: Logic System Words

Issue: The Logic System Words representing time (%SW49, %SW50, %SW51, %SW52, %SW53 and %SW70) were not updated when the SCADAPack time was updated by an external source like a DNP3 time write. The SCADAPack clock time itself was correctly updated.
Resolution: The Logic System Words representing time are now updated when an external time update is received by the SCADAPack.

Engineering reference: FUN-1417

  • Feature Affected: RemoteConnect and Logic Editor synchronization

Issue: User actions in the Logic Editor were blocked when RemoteConnect had a “write configuration was successful” dialog opened.
Resolution: The Logic Editor is not blocked by the “write configuration was successful” dialog.

Engineering reference: RSC-1973

  • Feature Affected: IP address validation

Issue: IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway fields with an invalid value would revert to the previous valid value after the field no longer had focus.
Resolution: Invalid values will persist in these fields until the value is corrected by the user.

Engineering reference: RSC-1974

  • Feature Affected: Logic Editor Online modification

Issue: The online modification of some function blocks could result in those function blocks not working as intended when internal logic STOPRUN or RUNSTOP events occurred at some later point in time. A restart of the SCADAPack would eliminate the chance of this occurring.
Resolution: Function blocks that are modified online perform some additional steps to register to receive STOPRUN and RUNSTOP events.

Engineering reference: USOC-49

  • Feature Affected: Object browser

Issue: String values with a Display Format of “Hex” were validated in groups of 4 bytes and not validated as a series of individual bytes.
Resolution: String values with a Display Format of “Hex” are validated byte by byte with each byte containing two Hex characters.

Engineering reference: RSC-2677

  • Feature Affected: SCADAPack Identification Strings

Issue: The identification strings Location Name, ID Code/Number and Device Name were not read from the SCADAPack to RemoteConnect though they were written to and stored in the SCADAPack correctly.
Resolution: RemoteConnect successfully reads the identification strings from the SCADAPack.

Engineering reference: RSC-2656

  • Feature Affected: Modbus Slave and Modbus Server

Issue: The Modbus register address attribute of objects would not persist through an export to Excel file and subsequent import from Excel file.
Resolution: The Modbus register address attribute is correctly supported by Excel import and export options.

Engineering reference: RSC-2650

  • Feature Affected: Modbus Scanner

Issue: The Modbus Scanner would mark a valid serial port configuration as invalid in some configurations after an import from Excel file was performed.
Resolution: The issue no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: RSC-2635

  • Feature Affected: RemoteConnect USB communications

Issue: The USB target DNP3 address was not updated in the DNP3 CommDTM automatically after a new configuration was written to the SCADAPack. This could result in communication issues when DNP3 addresses became mismatched.
Resolution: The settings of the DNP3 CommDTM are updated after a configuration is written.

Engineering reference: RSC-2414

  • Feature Affected: RemoteConnect and Logic Editor synchronization

Issue: The synchronization between RemoteConnect and the Logic Editor would be broken if a project that contained T_SPx70_EBOOL data types was imported from an Excel file. Support for this data type was removed in R2.0. RemoteConnect would report "The Logic Editor is currently unavailable. Please close the RemoteConnect application, run Process Scrubber and then reopen the project in RemoteConnect".
Resolution: T_SPx70_EBOOL objects are now excluded from the import from Excel file process.

Engineering reference: RSC-2511

  • Feature Affected: Object editor navigation

Issue: The Prev and Next buttons of the object editor would not respect the order of an object list that had been sorted using criteria other than the default.
Resolution: The Prev and Next buttons move between objects based on the current object sorting being used.

Engineering reference: RSC-2512

  • Feature Affected: Object and logic variable association

Issue: When Logic variables that were part of a DDT variable were associated with an object, it was possible to produce object names that were too long.
Resolution: The maximum name length for DDT logic variables and their sub elements are now matched to the maximum name length for objects.

Engineering reference: RSC-2515

  • Feature Affected: RemoteConnect validation

Issue: RemoteConnect would not immediately display some errors when reading a configuration from the SCADAPack. The error would not be reported until the section of the navigation tree containing the relevant page was expanded.
Resolution: RemoteConnect displays errors with a newly read project regardless of the state of the navigation tree.

Engineering reference: RSC-2527

  • Feature Affected: Object attribute validation

Issue: RemoteConnect did not enforce some validation rules for raw minimum and raw maximum or for engineering minimum and engineering maximum. The firmware would then detect these issues after the configuration had been applied.
Resolution: RemoteConnect performs additional validation on raw minimum, raw maximum, engineering minimum and engineering maximum.

Engineering reference: RSC-2538

  • Feature Affected: Object Browser

Issue: Object browser names that contained spaces were not read from the SCADAPack to RemoteConnect correctly.
Resolution: Space characters are now supported in object browser names.

Engineering reference: RSC-2545

  • Feature Affected: 5506 Analog Input Module

Issue: The Input Type of analogs on the 5506 was always set to 4…20 mA after importing a configuration from an Excel file.
Resolution: The Input Type of 1…5 Vdc is now properly supported in exports to and imports from Excel files.

Engineering reference: RSC-2583

  • Feature Affected: Object browser

Issue: Some objects would remain in the object browser after being deleted from the list of objects in the configuration.
Resolution: The objects are cleared from the object browser when deleted from the list of objects in the configuration.

Engineering reference: RSC-2588

  • Feature Affected: Modbus RTU

Issue: The Modbus serial port configuration was absent when importing some project configurations.
Resolution: The issue has been resolved.

Engineering reference: RSC-2607

  • Feature Affected: Modbus Scanner, DNP3 Data Concentrator

Issue: RemoteConnect performance was significantly degraded once the number of devices configured exceeded 10 for either the Modbus Scanner or DNP3 Data Concentrator. The slowdown was most significant when opening a project or adding a device. The firmware’s performance was unaffected.
Resolution: The issue has been resolved.

Engineering reference: RSC-2616

  • Feature Affected: Object validation

Issue: RemoteConnect would sometimes raise a validation error “Invalid Engineering Scaling value” for Digital Objects after upgrading projects created under older versions of RemoteConnect. This was not a valid attribute for digital objects.
Resolution: The issue no longer occurs.

Engineering reference: RSC-2627

  • Feature Affected: SCADAPack RemoteConnect Configuration Software

Issue: When attempting to open the DTM pane by double-clicking, a spurious error message would sometimes appear:

“An unexpected error occurred:

DTM Topology Editor

Cannot open DTM UI: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Resolution: This message no longer appears.

Engineering reference: RSC-514