General Information

Realflo 6.96.1 Release Notes

Realflo 6.96.1 is a feature release.

Application and Flow Computer Versions

Realflo application version is 6.96.2752

Flow computer version is 6.96.2752 for SCADAPack 32, 300 series, 4203 and NOCT60

Flow computer version is 6.96.85 for SCADAPack 16-bit controllers

New Features

These new features were added.

  • The user documentation is now displayed in a new format. This format provides improved navigation, search functions, and clarity.
  • A constant temperature input can now be configured for gas, liquid, and water flows
  • The water volume correction calculation method for liquid and water runs can now be selected from the following:
    • No Correction
    • Water (API 11.4.1)
    • Produced Water (API 20.1)

The default option is Produced Water (API 20.1).

  • The Flow Computer of Realflo 6.96.1 and newer accumulates Indicated Volume (IV) of liquid and water runs for This Month and Last Month. The data is provided through Modbus and Enron registers. Realflo shows the accumulated data in the Current Readings view.


These improvements were made.

  • Documentation of calculation standards includes standards revision dates. [RFLO-4135]
  • Two-phase detection by Coriolis meter is rejected when density input type is not Coriolis meter. [RFLO-4328]
  • Alarm and event acknowledgement documentation is clearer and includes links to related topics. [RFLO-4538]
  • XML export includes flow calculation standards and revision dates. [RFLO-4547]
  • Constant water cut is displayed as an input value on current readings. [RFLO-4550]
  • Installer web site link updated. [RFLO-4564]


These corrections were made.

  • Calibration report title showed Compressibility Calculation where it should have showed Density Calculation. [RFLO-2075]
  • Water Cut Input options dialog no longer has both options enabled. [RFLO-2947]
  • C/C++ Loader no longer refers to applications as flow computers. [RFLO-3142]
  • Forcing a pulse value no longer allows entry of fractional numbers. The fractional part was not used by the flow computer. [RFLO-3167]
  • The text and unit for Base Pressure (absolute) on the Contract tab for water runs is disabled when unused. [RFLO-3173]
  • Check for duplicated records did not compare some fields of hourly and daily history log. [RFLO-3401]
  • Custom views did not display some values when used with ISaGRAF firmware. [RFLO-3524]
  • New Value and Previous Values in alarm logs are now displayed as integers. [RFLO-3599]
  • Negative Static Pressure limits were incorrectly allowed in Sensor settings. [RFLO-3948]
  • Add/Edit Sensor Settings dialog incorrectly reported IP Address as different when it was the same. [RFLO-3970]
  • Read button on the Stream Diagnostics dialog now reads both the configuration and the diagnostics. [RFLO-4055]
  • Isentropic exponent of 0 is now rejected by flow computer. [RFLO-4214]
  • Daily history Modbus registers were not updated when time is changed into a different contract day. [RFLO-4227]
  • Reference manual section now indicates registers are for gas runs only. [RFLO-4529]
  • Rosemount 3095FB transmitter could not be configured using Realflo 6.94 and 6.95. [RFLO-4537]
  • Suggestion of Atmospheric Pressure due to Elevation is now calculated using API 21.1 (2013) algorithm. Results differ by less than 0.02% the previous algorithm. [RFLO-4545]
  • Reference manual description for register 49500 had extra text. [RFLO-4553]
  • Document now indicates Modbus Command 12 is not supported on 16 bit SCADAPack RTUs. [RFLO-4555]
  • Liquid alarm clearance was not recorded in log when alarm condition cleared while flow computer wasn't running. [RFLO-4577]
  • Limit alarm remained active when condition cleared during power off. [RFLO-4578]
  • Gas flow calculation calculated flow registers not cleared when run stopped. [RFLO-4583]
  • AGA-11 raised AGA-3 alarm code when inputs were not valid. [RFLO-4588]
  • 3600 second flow time per every hour and 86400 per day recorded when there were no pulses recorded for the day. [RFLO-4638]
  • Liquid flow cutoff alarm was inconsistently raised when a default flow value was invoked for disconnected Coriolis meter. [RFLO-4686]