General Information

Realflo 6.95.1 Release Notes

Realflo 6.95.1 is a feature release.

Application and Flow Computer Versions

Realflo application version is 6.95.2646

Flow computer version is 6.95.2646 for SCADAPack 32, 300 series, 4203 and NOCT60

Flow computer version is 6.95.79 for SCADAPack 16-bit controllers

New Features

These new features were added.

Realflo provides a comprehensive implementation of AGA-11 on SCADAPack 300, 4203, NOCT60A and SCADAPack 32 controllers with the following features.

  • Pre-configured Modbus polling engine for popular Coriolis meter transmitters:
    • Foxboro CFT-51/NOCT 60A
    • Micro Motion 2700 MVD
    • Micro Motion MVD Direct Connect for F-Series and R-Series with 800 Series Enhanced Core Processor
    • E&H Promass 83
    • E&H Promass 100
  • Support for pulse and analog input from meters not available in the polling engine.
  • Bi-Directional flow measurement

Coriolis measurement has been enhanced with these features for gas, liquid and water runs.

  • Coriolis pressure compensation can be applied in Coriolis meter or in the flow computer, allowing pressure compensation with pulse or analog inputs.
  • Flexible assignment of Coriolis meters to more than one flow run
  • Enhancement of Coriolis meter diagnostics showing which meters are assigned to each of the relevant flow run inputs
  • Polling of Coriolis meters for diagnostics when meter is used with pulse or analog inputs.
  • Clamping of inferred water cut results at 0% or 100% if results are in the range of -10% to zero, or 100% to 110% respectively.

AGA-3 (2013) is now supported providing the following items.

  • Updated calculation provides changes to the Expansion Factor portion of calculation.
  • Selections for individual Type 302 stainless steel, Type 316 stainless steel, and Monel 500 material types.
  • 304/316 stainless (average) is also supported as this was the only selection for stainless steel expansion factor for previous versions.


These improvements were made.

  • New File Wizard allows selection of a Coriolis meter for the temperature input on gas runs. [RFLO-2837]
  • The calibration report now reads and reports the actual gas composition from the flow computer, rather than reporting values from the configuration file. [RFLO-4207]
  • The existing Sensors and Display Overview dialog is displayed in the configuration tree making it easier to access. [RFLO-4240]
  • Current input value registers are now supported on the SCADAPack 32. See Reference Manual section for details. [RFLO-4241]
  • User Manual section 5 field and parameter descriptions are reformatted to improve consistency and understanding. [RFLO-4321]
  • Cutoff alarm descriptions have been improved. [RFLO-4330]
  • The SCADAPack 32 flow computer Enron Driver has been updated to provide new functionality introduced on the SCADAPack 300 series in Realflo 6.90.1. This improves compatibility and provides additional features. [RFLO-4400] and [RFLO-4444]
  • The new Export Registers in Use command exports a list of registers used by the flow computer. This indicates which registers are available for use by logic applications. [RFLO-4169]


These corrections were made.

  • Sensor and Display Overview now indicates if a temperature input comes from a Coriolis meter. Previously it reported it as an analog input. [RFLO-2803] and [RFLO-3087].
  • The Replace Flow Computer wizard no longer allows a user to read Alarms and Events after flow computer replacement if the user chooses not to write configuration. [RFLO-3058]
  • Water Cut Input options dialog no longer has parameters for both options enabled simultaneously. [RFLO-3085]
  • Location Compensation options for AGA-7, AGA-11 and Liquid runs no longer list DP and Both. These options are valid only for AGA-3 and V-Cone runs. [RFLO-3086]
  • Incorrect description of Sensor configuration node in Maintenance Mode fixed. [RFLO-3291]
  • Direction status Register under Run Configuration is highlighted in blue when different. [RFLO-3587]
  • Export XML file excludes disabled runs and no longer displays a message indicating the runs could not be exported. [RFLO-3592]
  • User manual screen shots updated and minor text changes. [RFLO-4103]
  • Get Daily History Command section was out of order in Reference Manual. [RFLO-4204]
  • Pulse counts are displayed as integers in Hourly/Daily/Batch logs. Formerly they were shown as floating point numbers. [RFLO-4205]
  • Data logger uses a long integer for pulse accumulation. Previously it used a floating point value which could reduce precision with pulse rates of 49710 pulses/s or higher. The counter input hardware does not support such a high pulse rate. [RFLO-4213]
  • Corrected pulse counters description in Reference Manual. Counters hold the total number of pulses, not the average as previously documented. [RFLO-4226]
  • SCADAPack 32 Flow computer initializes registers for configured runs at start up. Previously it initialized licensed runs even if a run was not used. [RFLO-4228]
  • Corrected the AGA-8 result when the flow computer is stopped and started. In flow computer 6.91 through 6.94 for the SCADAPack 300 series, 4203, and NOCT60 the AGA-8 result could be incorrect following a power cycle. [RFLO-4235]
  • Corrected the NX-19 calculation to account for the atmospheric pressure. Previously an incorrect result could be calculated. This behaviour was introduced in flow computer 6.30. [RFLO-4242]
  • The calculated inferred water cut is no longer used if a default value is in use due to an alarm. [RFLO-4293]
  • Realflo no longer attempts to read logs for disabled runs after replacing a flow computer with a new version. Previously it would attempt to read invalid runs and would display a message. [RFLO-4306]
  • Meter run no longer generates an empty hourly log if batch trigger is on following the loading of a new flow computer. [RFLO-4334]
  • Cleared water cut alarms when changing a liquid run to a water run. Previously if a liquid run configured in direct water cut mode and with a water cut input low level alarm present was changed to a water run, the water cut input low level alarm persisted even though a water run does not have a water cut input. [RFLO-4353]
  • Coriolis meter not polled alarm is cleared when liquid run is reconfigured to no longer use a Coriolis meter. [RFLO-4354]
  • Promass 83 driver uses the configured byte order for tag name and system condition values. Previously pairs of characters were swapped for these values. [RFLO-4356]
  • SCADAPack 32 flow computer no longer generates 1 second hour log with start time after end time when clock moved to the top of the hour. [RFLO-4360]
  • The Flow Computer could stop polling a Coriolis meter when reducing then subsequently increasing the number of runs. Rewriting the configuration restarted the polling. This has been resolved. [RFLO-4369]
  • Changing the polled devices could lock up flow computer 6.91 through 6.94. This has been resolved. [RFLO-4370]
  • For Paired runs, the On Indicates parameter was not set correctly for the paired run in the New File Wizard. [RFLO-4372]
  • Create a configuration from template file resulted in incorrect Contract parameters for runs with different unit sets. Values are now converted between unit sets. [RFLO-4374]
  • Promass 83 driver no longer reports duplicate alarms. [RFLO-4381]
  • Alarm log entries now distinguish between alarm off and on for Micro Motion alarms. [RFLO-4382]
  • Alarm limit hysteresis in Enron registers 10127, 10131, 10135, and 10139 is now writable. Previously these values could not be set using Enron protocol. [RFLO-4414]
  • Realflo can now read actual Coriolis Meter values from a SCADAPack 32 with flow computer 6.94. Previously Realflo would not read these values. [RFLO-4415]
  • SCADAPack 32 flow computer ends partial hourly and daily history records when a flow computer is replaced. Previously the partial records would not be read by Realflo. [RFLO-4426]
  • SCADAPack 32 flow computer will no longer allow changes to the AGA-3 flow extension method while calculation is running. [RFLO-4447]
  • Removed “AGA-3” from description of alarm 20310 (Flow temperature below absolute zero) as this alarm is used by AGA-3 and AGA-11. [RFLO-4476]
  • Polling user-defined registers from Coriolis meters can overwrite data in runs 8 and 9, if the runs are configured for Liquid or Water. Gas runs were not affected. A different register range for the user-defined-register update times is now used. [RFLO-4492]
  • The mapping between Modbus coil/status registers and Enron registers is now working. Previously, coils could be set correctly through Enron Modbus, but coil or status registers were read incorrectly. [RFLO-4514]
  • The Flow Computer Information dialog shows Production Plus options. Previously these were not shown on the main dialog, but were shown on the Edit dialog. [RFLO-4500]