General Information

This note describes the changes included in Realflo Version 6.94.1 released on March 23, 2016.

Application and Flow Computer Versions

Realflo application version is 6.94.2459

Flow computer version is 6.94.2459 for SCADAPack 32, 300 series, 4203 and NOCT60

Flow computer version is 6.94.75 for SCADAPack 16-bit controllers

New Features

These new features were added.

  • Added meter station accumulators for resettable total station volume accumulator and non-resettable total station volume accumulator. The resettable total station volume accumulator provides total flow over a time period. This accumulator can be reset using Realflo, assigned Modbus coil registers or assigned Enron coil registers. The time and date of the last reset is displayed with the accumulator value. The non-resettable total station volume accumulator provides the sum of the total accumulated flow volumes shown on the Current Readings page for each run.
  • The ranges for liquid flow inputs have been extended so that liquid calculations are performed if an input is out of range. If an input is out of range, an out of range alarm is raised for the input and the liquid calculations are performed. If the liquid calculations are not successful, a calculation unsuccessful alarm is raised indicating which step of the calculations was not successful.


These improvements were made.

  • Added support for Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Enterprise. [RFLO-3899]
  • Added four new alarms to monitor the density of a liquid when measured in IP units. These alarms measure API gravity and are defined in degrees API. Density is calculated from the API gravity value. A high API gravity level indicates low density. [RFLO-4100]
  • Batch start or stop no longer causes a break in daily logs. No change was made to the behaviour of hourly logs. [RFLO-4049]


These corrections were made.

  • Serial port parity field is set to its default state when default settings are applied. [RFLO-342]
  • The Static Pressure Type label and proposed value are not printed when the input type is sensor, as this value does not apply to this input.  [RFLO-2397]
  • The Liquid Pulse Input Limits dialog was described as Turbine Limits in step-by-step configuration mode. The correct limits were set, the text was incorrect. The text has been corrected. [RFLO-2974]
  • Coriolis meter configuration of register assignment allowed out of range address to be entered. The correct limits are now used. [RFLO-3051]
  • Gage pressure is not validated in the static pressure options step when gage pressure is not used for the current input. Previously the unused field was checked and under some circumstances an invalid message was displayed. [RFLO-3090]
  • The text for Value on the Run Configuration density page when a constant input is selected now states that the Value is at base conditions. [RFLO-3188]
  • Actual values for disabled fields on the Run Configuration dialog no longer indicate that the unused values are “Invalid”. [RFLO-3567]
  • The Compressibility Calculation field is no longer enabled after Copy Actual to Proposed performed under Water/Liquid Run. [RFLO-3568]
  • Validation of cone and pipe material displays a message about the material type, rather than "Enter an integer between 0 and 2" when the value is not correct. [RFLO-3589]
  • A disabled percent sign was removed from the Force dialog for Gas and Water Flow. [RFLO-3595]
  • Batch Trigger documentation was corrected to agree with flow computer behaviour. [RFLO-3602]
  • Density Input type strings for proposed and actual values now use the same strings. Previously they were slightly different. [RFLO-3911]
  • The export of Coriolis meter pressure compensation settings no longer exports actual values.  Actual values should not have been included in the export. [RFLO-3912]
  • Volume flow low level alarm was raised and cleared twice at the same time. Only one alarm is now raised or cleared. [RFLO-4018]
  • Sensor calibration As-Left screen shot showed the As-Found step. The correct screen shot is now included in the manual. [RFLO-4060]
  • The flow computer initialized registers for the licensed runs at start up even if the run was not used. Now only registers from configured runs are initialized. [RFLO-4093]
  • The CFX export had incorrect values for duration and flow time when multiple records were merged into a single hour using the Export One Record per Hour option. Values were rounded down when converted to integers for the export. This affected both the flow computer (which created the records) and Realflo which merged the records. The expected values are now recorded and exported. [RFLO-4107]
  • Average density on liquid runs is now recorded in history logs when there is no flow in the period. [RFLO-4146]
  • Configuration of the Direction Status Register no longer allows the use of registers reserved for other functions in the flow computer. [RFLO-4170]
  • Configuration of the batch trigger and two-phase detection no longer allows the use of registers reserved for other functions in the flow computer. [RFLO-4176]
  • Enron history start time was rounded to the nearest hour when it was 2 seconds or less before the hour. The start time is no longer rounded. [RFLO-4198]