General Information

This note describes the changes included in RealFLO Version 6.82.4 released on February 18, 2014.

Changes Made:

RealFLO 6.82.3 (build 1904) is replaced with RealFLO 6.82.4 (build 1910)
RealFLO for PEMEX 6.82.3 (build 1904) is replaced with 6.82.4 (build 1910)

  • RealFLO file version is 6.82.1910
  • Flow computer version is 6.82.1910 for SCADAPack 32 and 300 Series
  • Flow computer version is 6.82.62 for SCADAPack 16-bit controllers
  • CD includes Firmware Loader 2.65.5

Improvements Made in RealFLO 6.82.4

  • Documentation improvment to describe units difference when viewing DP in CFX
  • Added documentation on CFX export changes for transmitter URL/LRL and Alarms

Corrections Made in RealFLO 6.82.4

  • CFX export file has wrong value for Atmospheric Pressure when absolute pressure is selected
  • Location compensation direction is reversed. This affects users who employ deadweight testers to calibrate SP and DP inputs.