General Information

This note describes the changes included in RealFLO Version 6.81.2 released on March 26, 2013.

Changes Made

RealFLO 6.79.2 (build 1693) is replaced with RealFLO 6.81.2 (build 1799)
RealFLO for GOST 6.79.2 (build 1693) is replaced with RealFLO 6.81.2 (build 1799)

  • RealFLO file version is 6.81.1799
  • Flow computer version is 6.81.1799 for SCADAPack 32 and 300 Series
  • Flow computer version is 6.81.52 for SCADAPack 16-bit controllers
  • CD includes Firmware Loader 2.65.3 build 1509 (previously released with ECN 1610)

New Features Introduced in RealFLO 6.81.2

  • Calculator to suggest Atmospheric Pressure based on elevation and latitude
  • Alarm output indication

Improvements Made in RealFLO 6.81.2

  • Set CFX Export Fixed Factor Field to Wet Gas Meter Factor
  • Include gas quality history in CFX Export
  • Warn user when reading from newer Flow Computer using an older version of Realflo
  • Added a command to View Calibration Report
  • Add GOST-8.586 settings to step-by-step mode of configuration wizard
  • For bidirectional applications, selection of a sensor from another previously defined run is now possible using the wizard.
  • New file wizard using Run units instead of Sensor units
  • Temperature's "damping" (text) and "seconds" (unit) should be greyed out when the Sensor is not 3095FB.

Corrections Made in RealFLO 6.81.2

  • Read transmitter config is changing configuration
  • Mass flow incorrectly mentioned in calibration log
  • Incorrect scale validation for DP, SP and Temperature, for Cone diameter, for Input at Zero and Full scale.
  • GOST configuration has unused static pressure tap location parameter
  • Inconsistent operation for showing GOST Gases tab
  • GOST: A number of text strings were being cutoff.
  • GOST: Warning window missed when Gage Pressure at 0.
  • GOST: A number of missed Russian translations
  • GOST: Alarm column in Current Run Readings should be greyed out.
  • "GOST -8.586 Plus" and "GOST Gases" both exported as "GOST-8586 Gases".
  • In GOST mode, SP 357 I/O module for SP 350 doesn't show in Russian Windows but available in English Windows.
  • Export Script Command didn't export "Configuration Events" under GOST Gases.
  • "Actual" text box shouldn't be allowed to edit.
  • No notification to remind user to save the updated template file.
  • Export CFX file name in Russian Windows shows unknown text as default.
  • Communication address for SolarPack 410 was empty in Proposed but "0" under actual.
  • LCD on 4203 is not updated when write protection is enabled by installing jumper on bottom two pins.
  • Loss of sensor communication when writing all configuration after changing sensor type.
  • Reverse by Value shouldn't show the DP as "-0".
  • "Copy Actual to Proposed" in inputs tab didn't translate the same as other tabs
  • PEMEX and GOST mode doesn't remind user a new Flow Computer program is available.
  • Unable to write configuration file to Flow Computer if I have Alarm enabled.
    These changes were made since the 6.81.1 beta release.
  • Breaks occur in the history logs when changing input alarm and informational settings
  • Hourly and daily logs break recorded without any change of AGA-8 settings on SCADAPack 32
  • Corrections to documentation of Enron Registers for Upper and Lower Range Limit