General Information

This note describes changes to relay requirements on selected equipment as of August 29, 2012.

Reason for Change

  • Dry contact relay outputs on some SCADAPack units and expansion modules may not operate as intended. The issue will present itself as either a non-operating relay when the output is energized or in some cases as a delayed contact closure. Elevated temperatures tend to make this issue more prevalent. These relays are SPST, form A (normally open dry contact relays).

Equipment Affected

  • SCADAPack 314 and 314E with Dry contact relays
  • SCADAPack 334 and 334E with Dry contact relays
  • SCADAPack 357 and 357E with Dry contact relays
  • SCADAPack 32, P4B with Dry contact relays
  • 5415 Dry Contact Relay Expansion Modules
  • 5606 Composite I/O expansion module
  • 5607 Composite I/O expansion module
  • FlowStation 110
    Please see Product Quality Notice for a complete list of affected models.

Changes to product specification:

Replacement units will have an increase in power consumption related to the relay outputs. The
increase is only relevant during the time that the relay output(s) are energized. If the
SCADAPack being replaced is being used with expansion modules and is therefore already
operating close to it’s maximum 5V power supply limit, an additional 5103 expansion power
supply may become necessary.
Current consumption for each relay increases by approximately 10mA while the relay is on. This
results in total 5V power requirements as follows for the 5606, and 5607 combination I/O

  • 5606 Total 5V power consumption (all relays on) - 600mA
  • 5607 Total 5V power consumption (all relays on) - 335mA
    For comparison purposes, the previous power consumption specification was:
  • 5606 Total 5V power consumption (all relays on) - 600mA^
  • 5607 Total 5V power consumption (all relays on) - 233mA
    ^ Note: previous 5606 specification was conservative and already included the increased power consumption,
    therefore the specification does not change.
For a listing of products affected and additional information, please see the Product Quality Notice.