General Information

ISaGRAF 2.50 New Version Release (TSN01066)     

This note describes the changes included in ISaGRAF Version 2.50 released on October 2, 2008.

New Features in ISaGRAF 2.50

A new I/O Module, ainvolt Controller Input Supply Voltage, to read the controller input voltage has been added.  This I/O Module is supported on the SCADAPack 330, 334, 350, 357, and SCADASense 4203 controllers. Input supply voltages of 9000 mV to 30000 mV are reported when the I/O Module is used.

The DNP configuration Event Reporting Method setting is now defaulted to Log All Events.

Issues Corrected from ISaGRAF 2.40

An issue is corrected where a program containing more than 2730 binary outputs would get corrupted when the program was saved and then reopened.

Documentation for the ainbatt function is corrected to show that the function returns the lithium battery voltage and not the supply voltage.

Firmware Relevant to this Release

  • SCADAPack firmware 2.45
  • SCADAPack 32 firmware 2.11
  • SCADAPack 33x firmware 1.44 build 791
  • SCADAPack 350 firmware 1.44 build 791
  • SCADASense 4203 firmware 1.44 build 791
  • SOLARPack 410 firmware 1.44 build 791
  • 4000 series firmware 1.52 build 2

Software Relevant to this Release

  • TelePACE Version 3.40 is the currently released version of TelePACE.
  • RealFLO Version 6.53 is the currently released version of RealFLO.
  • Firmware Loader 2.50 is the currently released version of the Firmware Loader.