General Information

This note describes the release of FlowStation firmware version 1.74 released on November 4, 2011.

Changes Made

  • FlowStation Firmware version 1.73 build 1093 replaced with version 1.74 build 1101

Corretions made with version 1.74

  • Unable to change any setpoints using Vision 221
  • Pump Current does not get reported when running in Hand mode
  • Occasional failure to backup a configuration.
In order to fix the problem of updating setpoints using the Vision, the user also needs to mke changes to the Vision 221 settings as follows:

• Restart the Vision221;
• Click Exit, when the window of "FlowStation110 will be automatically displayed in 12 seconds" popped up;
• Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel;
• Double click "Internet Options";
• Click Security tab;
• Click Settings;
• Scroll down to Miscellaneous -> "Submit non-encrypted form data", check Enable;
• Click OK to close Settings page, then click ok again to close Internet Options page;
• Select Start -> Programs -> CECP -> Registry Save, click "Save Registry", quit the page after save;
• Quit CECP page;