General Information

This note describes the changes included in the FL10 Float Level Firmware version 1.76 released on October 30, 2009.

This is the first release of FL firmware.

Changes Made

Accutech FL10 firmware 1.76 released to production for use with Siemens model 1000 sensors only
• AC-FL10 - Float Level

  • RF Board 1.76

Accutech base radio firmware Modbus firmware 1.71 replaced with version 1.76
• AC-BR10 and AC-BR20- Base Radio

  • RF board US 1.71
  • RF board EUR 1.72
  • RF board AUZ 1.71
  • RF board NZ 1.71
  • Modbus Board 1.76
  • RS-485 Stream board 1.71
BR10 and BR20 base radios shipped after December 17th, 2009 contain Modbus Board firmware 1.76 or greater and are able to support the FL-10 sensors.

Accutech output module firmware 1.72 replaced with version 1.76
• 4AO and 8SW – Output Module

  • RS485 Output board 1.76

Reasons for Change


  • This is the first release of the firmware
  • The Siemens model 2100 sensor is not supported by this firmware.

Base Radio

  • Added support for FL10 field unit

Output Module

  • Added support for FL10 field unit