General Information

This note describes the changes included in E-Series Ethernet Firmware version 5.5.0 released on October 25, 2012.

Changes made:

  • Trio E-Series Ethernet firmware version 5.4.0 is replaced with version 5.5.0.
  • Firmware file name is Firmware-ER45e-R5.4.0-3403.tpk. (????)

New Features Introduced with 5.5.0:

  • Support for SNMP V1/V2c access to radio diagnostics
  • Support for SNMP V1/2c Traps
  • Support to eDiags to handle a request originating from an unlisted IP address.

Improvements Made with 5.5.0:

  • Ethernet E-Series Boot Time Improvements
  • eDiags server supports more than one target destination (redundant Diagnostics controllers).

Corrections Made with 5.5.0:

  • HSC change over events causing eDiags lockup.
  • eDiags compatible with ClearSCADA Trio Diagnostics Driver