General Information

This technical notice describes the new features, changes and issues resolved in the new release of ISaGRAF 7.4.6 for the SCADAPack E Series controllers. The expected availability for ISaGRAF for the E Series controllers is July 24, 2006.

New Features added to E Series ISaGRAF 7.4.6

  • ISaGRAF output Boards - Hold on application stop: The standard ISaGRAF output boards have been extended to support a new IO Board parameter, i.e. hold_on_stop. This BOOLEAN parameter allows the user to identify how output boards are processed on a shutdown (or reset) of the ISaGRAF application. This is only an issue for local physical points and this new IO Board parameter defaults to false, consistent with normal functionality for earlier firmware versions.
  • ISaGRAF* Msg_Real Function : A new ISaGRAF function block Msg_Real is now supported for converting message strings to real (floating point) variables.
  • Koyo DirectNET PLC Support : The SCADAPack E Series RTU now supports the DirectNET protocol as a master unit. Slave outstations are configured through the use of koy... ISaGRAF boards.

Issues Resolved from E Series ISaGRAF 7.4.5

  • ISaGRAF output board - SCADAPack ER 16 RO Card: The functionality of the e r 16ro ISaGRAF output board was inadvertently broken in version 7.4-5 where all controls issued from these ISaGRAF output boards were being mapped to the first relay output on the relevant 16 DO output card. This issue has been addressed in this release.
  • ISa GRAF Function Block F_COPY: F_COPY did not work correctly with large files (i.e. >= approx 100 KB). This issue has been addressed.
  • ISaGRAF COMxx functions not checking Port ID: COMRX, COMRXB, COMTX, COMTXB, and COMRXCLR, would not check the input 'Port ID' before trying to dereference this ID into a port file pointer. This could result in the RTU dereferencing a NULL (or invalid) pointer if the port was not successfully opened using the COMOPEN function. This issue has been addressed in this release.