General Information

BR20 Does Not Communicate with Accutech Manager

This Technical Support Notice addresses an issue where a small number of BR20s with serial numbers ranging from S072933 to S075153 have been shipped from Control Microsystems with an incorrect version of firmware loaded.

Issue Description

The incorrect firmware prevents the unit from communicating with the Accutech Manager software. The firmware is not field-upgradable.
You can determine if a BR20 has this problem by observing the TX LED on the short haul diagnostic port. If the TX LED does not blink once every second, the unit has the wrong firmware.

Issue Resolution

If you have a BR20, with a serial number in the range specified above, that has not yet been configured, please power up the unit and make sure that the TX LED is blinking.
If you have received a BR20 loaded with the incorrect firmware, the unit will need to be returned to the Control Microsystems factory to be reprogrammed. Contact Technical Support for further details or to request an RMA for the return of your BR20 for repair.

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