General Information

Application Version

The Accutech Manager application version is 2.05.927.

Firmware Version

Firmware included in this release:

  • Firmware version 2.05 - BR21 base radio.
  • Firmware version 2.04 - BR10 and BR20 base radios, and all field units except AM20.
  • Firmware version 2.01A - AM20 field unit.

Application Changes

These application changes were made.

  •  Changed the BR20 identification string displayed in the base radio view to BR20/BR21.

These manual updates were made.

  • Added documentation for BR21 Base Radio [ADOC-799].
  • Added description of antenna connector for 915 MHz radios [ADOC-802].
  • Removed duplicate information in base radio documentation [ADOC-809].
  • Added Cybersecurity topic [ADOC-810].
  • Added 6-digit addresses for Modbus communication [ADOC-814].
  • Corrected coupling size for SL10 [ADOC-820].
  • Added 2.4 GHz specifications to base radio documentation [ADOC-826].
  • Updated compliance statements to latest standards [ADOC-827].

Firmware Changes

These firmware changes were made.

  • Added BR21 base radio.