General Information

This technical notice describes the changes included in PCN 2128. The software is currently available.

The Accutech Manager Server database contains configuration and historic data for field units. It is highly recommended that you back up the database before installing this application.

Back Up Database Instructions

To back up the database:

  1. Exit Accutech Manager.
  2. Exit Accutech Manager Server.
  3. Back up the entire database folder.

The database is typically stored at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Schneider Electric\Accutech\Database on Windows XP and C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Accutech\Database on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The database needs to be backed up only on the workstation that is running Accutech Manager Server. Client workstations do not need to be backed up.

Application Version

The Accutech Manager application version is 2.04.840.

Firmware Version

The firmware version is 2.04 for Accutech Base Radios and all Field Units except AM20. AM20 firmware version is 2.01A.

Application Changes

These application changes were made.

  • Includes 2.04 firmware.
  • New options have been added to the number of floats settings for the FL10. These changes address the issues created by the FL10 overwriting settings on the RU Flex 2100 DLS.
  • The default client option tool mode has been changed from Management Tool Mode to Configuration Tool Mode. It is now recommended to choose Configuration Tool Mode.

These manual updates were made.

  • The polycarbonate manual is not longer included. Polycarbonates units are being replaced by the metallic versions. Basic polycarbonate information, such as certification data, is still available in the manual.
  • The RU Flex 2100 DLS is now supported by the FL10, but the HLS option of the Model 2100 DLS is not.
  • The number of float options for the FL10 that are required by the RU Flex 2100 DLS have been updated.
  • The descriptions of the PZERO menus for pressure units have been updated to reflect the change in PZERO options.
  • The warnings for battery replacement have been changed to more clearly state that only batteries provided by authorized Schneider Electric distributors are certified for use in field units.
  • The dimensional drawings and associated text of field units have been updated
  • The operating temperature of pressure units have been changed to be consistent with the calibrated range.
  • The FL10 wiring information is now corrected.
  • Antenna information has been added to the BR20 base radio installation.

Firmware Changes

These firmware changes were made.

  • Users can now use the PZERO function of pressure units to see and clear the PZERO setting. Previously users could not determine the PZERO value leading to unexpected sensor readings.
  • Changes have been made to recover the battery life lost due to the new DLS firmware. Model 2100 Digital Level Sensors firmware versions 3.15 and later caused an increased power draw on the FL10 resulting in a lower battery life for the unit.
  • New options have been added in the number of floats settings to support the changed functionality in the DLS protocol.
  • For 900 MHz units, the operation of the sleep state has been improved.