General Information

This note describes the changes included in Accutech Manager 2.01.9 released on October 31, 2015.

Changes Made

  • Accutech Manager 2.00.6 replaced with version 2.01.0

Improvements Made in Accutech Manager 2.01.0

  • Remove New Zealand firmware from Accutech Manager.
  • Export data with all accuracy available.
  • Update Schneider Electric references.
  • An assortment of documentation improvements.

Corrections Made in Accutech Manager 2.01.0

  • Field units not recognized when Accutech Manager is installed in a non-default directory.
  • SL10 Configuration for Height, asking for Tank Volume and Tank Height when not required.
  • GP10 data window is displaying a red X for the graph.
  • DP configuration dialog shows wrong field unit picture.
  • TM10 measurement units not shown on graph after switching inputs.
  • Accutech Manager may crash when switching between old and new base radios.
  • Field Unit Total displayed after Accutech Manager disconnects.
  • Cannot update firmware with RS485 connection and output module attached.
  • Output module tab URV scaling changes when switching tabs.
  • Attempting to overwrite export file crashes Accutech Manager.
  • Graph buttons would allow Start Time = End Time which would cause nothing on the graph.
  • Field Unit Alert Thresholds are not retained when Accutech Manager starts up.
  • Accutech Manager crashes opening AI10 configuration window.
  • Configuring AM20 disables temperature.
  • An assortment of documentation improvements.