General Information

This note describes the changes included in Accutech Manager 2.00.1 released on December 17, 2012.

Changes Made

  • Accutech Manager 1.89.2 replaced with version 2.00.1
  • Accutech Battery Change manual (PID 250269) replaced with version dated 12/6/2012.

New Features introduced in Accutech Manager 2.00.1

  • Accutech Manager support for Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Read configuration from Field Units (version 2.0 units only)
  • Support base radio firmware update (version 2.0 units only)
  • Support Field Unit firmware update through base radio (version 2.0 units only)
  • Support 2.4 GHz Base Radio and Field Units (version 2.0 units only)

Improvements made in Accutech Manager 2.00.1

  • Descriptions of URV and LRV improved.
  • Sensor Offset Curve not sent to field unit when feature enabled
  • Accutech Manager generation of Bug Report to Tech Support needs more information including contact info.
  • Sampling Rate dialog layout for a TM10 differs from the rest
  • Prompt to save settings in Configuration Mode
  • Saved Configurations now includes details from the RANGE and GENERAL tabs
  • Saving Configuration Files should ask user before overwriting an existing file with the same name
  • Schneider Electric branding of Accutech Manager
  • Rename Commands, Status Codes, and Modes

Corrections made in Accutech Manager 2.00.1

  • TM10 Totalizer Preset cannot be written unless it is changed from the last known value
  • SI10 digital output alarm status does not refresh
  • Text cutoff in "Flow Rate Units" screen for a TM10
  • Exception "Access Violation" is thrown in frmWirelessTest
  • An exception 'Division by zero' is thrown in Accutech Manager
  • Port number option is not retained after new install.
  • Base Radio view does not update when it has focus.
  • Spaces are not accepted in the tag name when configured from the local display
  • Incorrect error message when attempting to read diagnostic data.
  • Device Status in field unit specific data window and All Field Units window not in sync
  • Message when attempting to load a configuration file should provide more information if the operation can't be completed.
  • Temperature in K can report slightly negative numbers due to rounding
  • Output Switches tab being displayed for TC_SPLIT type sensor
  • Out of stack space error after opening field unit Properties window many times
  • A negative level offset is overwritten by Accutech Manager
  • Accutech Manager runs in the background after closing the application

Changes in Documentation in 2.00.1

  • FL10 - Add quick start guide to Accutech Wireless User Manual
  • Field Calibration of Wireless Units
  • Battery Life Tables
  • Add installation practices section to VC10 user manual
  • Improved description on the manner in which a user operates the VC10.
  • Clarification of Default menu purpose
  • Clarify documentation of 22 point curve configuration from Accutech Manager
  • Update SI10 Menu Map for Remote Operation
  • Improve documentation of Status Register
  • Battery Life Tables
  • Error codes in Accutech manual require more verbose description
  • The secure network attachment section of the manual should be located in the RF communications section of the manual.
  • CSA IS Installation drawings need to be updated in the Accutech Documentation
  • Add "Important User Information" section for 2.4G radio.
  • Documentation for GP10 - 15 kpsi sensor
  • Add warnings, notices, and cautions found in FMEA reviews
  • Wiring Documentation for Field Units Purchased without Junction Box
  • User manual does not list parameters that can only be configured from Accutech Manager
  • SI10 Process Outputs description missing details for State output setting
  • Normal sample rate description does not mention FL10 exclusion
  • Lack of documentation concerning the database files
  • Pressure Mode Setup (SL10) Topic missing for SL10
  • ATEX/IECEx certification information needs to be updated for Accutech units in pyramid enclosure
  • Specifications require a brief summary of the available batteries.