General Information

This note describes the changes included in Accutech Manager 1.89.1 released on October 18, 2011.

Changes Made

Accutech Manager 1.88.0 replaced with version 1.89.1

New Features Introduced in 1.89.1

  • Support for VC10 field unit

Issues Resolved in Accutech Manager 1.89.1

  • Float Level Properties dialog has a typo
  • Accutech Manager crashed while trying to change the units of measurement for DP20

Documentation issues resolved

  • Added documentation for Magnetic Wands
  • Added VC10 Documentation
  • Wiring diagram updates for RT10 and SI10
  • Add documentation for Mounting Bracket Accessory PID 297571
  • FL10 does not return temperatures below 0 deg F.
  • DP10 process outputs described incorrectly
  • Missing Process Output for second Thermocouple input
  • Device status configuration bit documentation inverted
  • Availability of Smart Rate Inconsistent between User Manual and Latest firmware update
  • Taping required on TM10 and other threaded joints
  • SI10 Counter Rollover isn't documented
  • AP10, AM20, DP20, FL10, GL10, GP10 mechanical drawing updates
  • Add C-Tick information to Accutech documentation and labels
  • Corrections to several menu maps for field units and BR20
  • The definition of sensor errors and sensor warning should be explained for each supported field unit.
  • Error Log documentation needs to be updated for the new CPU.
  • BR20 Specs don't list Maximum current draw
  • Available sample and transmit rates do not match documentation
  • Configuring Output device instructions has conflicting details in the example
  • The docs do not specify that remote control of douts are only supported with BR20 Base Radio's.
  • C-Cell Battery Replacement Kit Instructions Needed
  • Using Accutech Manager > Operation Mode Properties Tab details were missing
  • Document the BATTVOLT command
  • BR20 Specifications - Wrong Power and Frequency Range
  • Documentation of flying leads for TC10
  • CSA certification section missing Explosion Proof protection.