General Information

This note describes the changes included in Accutech Manager 1.87.1 released on May 6, 2011.

Accutech Manager replaced with version

Improvements made in this version

• Rebrand Accutech Manager to Schneider look & feel
• Smart Smoothing and its interaction with sampling rate is now documented
• Link Test STARR Description improved
• Smart Rate Documentation improved
• Firmware Types for Worldwide Operation now on LCD Display
• RF Communications > RF Channel Selection refers to a Menu Map that doesn't exist
• RF Communications > RF Baud Rate Selection refers to a Menu Map that doesn't exist

Issues Resolved in this version

• Exception "Invalid parameter" is thrown in Smart Sampling Rates config
• Device ID formula for assigning station number incorrect
• Setting Tag Names with Accutech Manager described incorrectly
• Update BR20 spec's
• Non-conformity to EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), Annex II, 1.0.6. Instructions