General Information

This note describes the changes included in Accutech Manager 1.85 released on February 26, 2010.

New features in this version

  • Supports up to 255 RF channels
  • Prevent Serial Device Being Detected as a Serial Mouse
  • Add Smart Rate and Smart smoothing support for AM20.
  • Power Save Configuration added for AM20

Improvements made in this version

  • Retain database when upgrading
  • Field units appear un-configured after upgrading (database is removed).
  • Local Display menu items are not always hidden
  • All serial ports, including USB serial ports, are supported
  • New default values for better power consumption
  • Disable Smart Smoothing by default for FL10
  • Update License Agreement in Setup
  • Analog output loop power supply documentation is unclear
  • Improve description of Accutech Manager serial port setup
  • BR20 Short Haul Data Port Pin outs not clear

Issued resolved in this version

  • Deleted field units from database are still in cache
  • Switch Input Field Devices default state in Accutech Manager does not match default state in Field Device
  • Task lists not cleared when configuration didn't work
  • No warning when installing older version over newer version
  • No field devices are recognized
  • SI10 - Data window display one graph when two switch inputs are enabled as default.
  • TM10 Totalizer channel should be enabled by default
  • Data of deleted field units still kept
  • Login password can be reused after logout
  • Report failsafe temperature value when sensor communication fails

Documentation changes in this version

  • Next and Back Buttons missing
  • FL10 Field Unit Map: Missing sampling rate options
  • Add Field Unit name to Device Type Registers Documentation
  • Replace AM10 documentation with AM20 documentation
  • Describe Base to Sensor communication setup in Quick Start Guide
  • Add description of the signal strength indicators on the sensor and base LCD display.
  • Confirm description of the High RFID setting in the base radio.
  • Add drawing for BR10 Limatherm enclosure
  • Update BR20 Specifications
  • BR10 Quick Start topic does not auto size in CHM file.
  • Short Haul Diag Port has conflicting information
  • BR20 Serial Communication
  • Serial Port Documentation BR20
  • Navigation link is partly invisible