General Information

This note describes the changes included in Accutech Manager 1.76 released on October 30, 2009.

New features in this version

  • FL10 Field Unit Support
  • Output Module Support for FL10
  • Output Module Support For Turbine Meter
  • New model and device types for all devices
  • Multiple PDF user manuals replaced with one Help file

Improvements made in this version

  • Support added for database upgrades. Databases are no longer deleted when an upgrade is installed

Issued resolved in this version

  • Installer won't install over previous version
  • Exporting data fails when requesting data from the server
  • Compacting database command removed and replaced with manual procedure.
  • Crash when configuring Output Module and unknown unit is connected to Base Radio
  • The Power Save Mobile mode text is incorrect and incomplete.
  • Upgrading from an older version to a newer version resets the database.

Products affected by this version

  • PID 350048 - Accutech Manager CD