General Information

The expected availability for the Accutech 1.75 is August 5, 2009.

SCADARange Manager 1.72 replaced with Accutech Manager 1.75.0

New features in this version

  • Added support for Turbine Meter Field Unit
  • Changed name of Application from SCADARange Manager to Accutech Manager

Improvements made in this version

  • Replaced text that was unreadable on some displays
  • Improvements made to the manual
    • Clarified the power input specification.
    • Added Battery Change instructions to all field unit manuals
    • Merged Omni and Yagi Antenna Manuals
    • Added Intrinsic Safety Information into User Manuals
    • Added BR20 User Manual
    • Added note that Large Antenna Option disables 4.8 K Baud Rate

Issued resolved in this version

  • Some Field Unit manuals and the Base Radio manual did not contain Communication Debugging section.
  • Base Radio holding register mapping should be listed in the 4xxxx range
  • PDF document titles are blank or wrong

Products affected by this version

  • PID 350048 - Accutech Manager CD