General Information

This note describes the changes made to selected Accutech models with Firmware version 2.00H released on December 17, 2013.

Changes Made

  • Accutech firmware 2.00C replaced with 2.00H for 2.4 GHz models
  • Base Radio Accutech firmware 2.00G replaced with 2.00H for 915MHz for US and Austalia
  • Boot loader firmware 2.00C replaced with firmware 2.00H for 2.4 GHz models.

Corrections Made to firmware 2.00H:

All corrections and improvements applied to 915 MHz radios in 2.00G have now been applied to 2.4 GHz with this version of firmware.
Additional Corrections to firmware 2.00H
  • Improved RF performance during 2.4GHz firmware upgrade
  • Reading Diagnostic Data causes communication loss with other field unit on 2.4 GHz radio
  • Base Radio reports units offline sporadically at 4800 baud
  • RF Driver Restarts occur in 2.4GHz firmware
  • 2.4GHz Field Units go offline for long periods of time, but the Field Unit still indicate RF OK