General Information

This note describes the changes made to selected Accutech models with Firmware version 2.00G released on September 30, 2013.

Changes Made

  • Accutech firmware 2.00C replaced with 2.00G for 915 MHz models for US
  • Boot loader firmware 2.00C replaced with firmware 2.00G

Corrections Made to 2.00G:

  • Loss of synchronization with base station
  • BR20 Mismatch of displayed number of online FUs and FU specific status online bits
  • Software Watchdog Resets occur at high temperature.
  • Loss of synchronization and communication errors with field units
  • SI10 reports invalid switch transition at startup or reboot
  • SI10 Default Smart Rate when configured for counter inputs
  • Warm Restart triggered on field unit and diagnostics report event 29
  • SI10 Menu output 2 text is out of date

Improvements Made with 2.00G:

  • Add sensor diagnostics to FL10