General Information

This Release Note describes changes included in 4299 Sensor Interface (SI) and SOLARPack 410-2 firmware version 5.30 released on March 13, 2008.

Software and Hardware Relevant to this Release

Firmware Loader version 2.4.5 contains this version of the firmware.
RealFLO version 6.4.1 (Application and Flow Computer) is the currently released version of RealFLO.
TelePACE Ladder Logic version 3.2.3 is the currently released version of TelePACE.
ISaGRAF Workbench Extensions version 2.3.3 is the currently released version of ISaGRAF.

Issues Resolved from SCADAPack 350 / SCADASense 4203 Firmware 1.2.5

The following issues identified in the previous firmware version have been resolved in the current release:

  • Sensor interface firmware version 5.30 now supports field upgrade. Previous sensor interface firmware was not upgradable in the field and required users to return the sensor to the factory for upgrade.

An application note: Sensor Software Upgrade Procedure, is available from Technical Support at the contact information in the footer of this document.