General Information

This Release Note describes changes included in 4000 Series firmware version 1.51, released on April 23, 2007.

Software and Hardware Relevant to this Release

  • Firmware Loader version 2.31 contains this version of the firmware.

New Features in 4000 Series Firmware 1.51

  • Added diagnostic check for incorrect 4299SI firmware. This detects if 4299SI calibration firmware is accidentally loaded in production boards.
  • Reduced start up time from 12 seconds to less than 4 seconds on the SCADASense 4102 with a 4299SI module.

Issues Resolved from 4000 Series Firmware 1.40

The following issues identified in 4000 Series firmware version 1.40 have been resolved in the current release:

  • Transmitter sometimes fails to accept a change in the sensor type (gauge/absolute). This issue has been resolved.
  • If the transmitter configuration is read and re-written with the 4000 Series Configurator the SP operating limits will increase by the configured atmospheric reference value when in absolute mode. This issue has been resolved.

Firmware Upgrade Notes

Firmware upgrades in the field fail from checksum errors or incorrect data read from memory during the procedure.

  • If the controller returns a checksum error, retry the firmware upgrade procedure, which may subsequent succeed. If the procedure fails repeatedly, the transmitter must be returned to the factory to be updated.
  • The checksum test may be successful, but incorrect data may be read from RAM while the firmware was being updated. In this case, the controller will fail to boot, and will have to be returned to the factory for a firmware update.

Refer to the Firmware Loader user manual for Firmware Upgrade procedures.