General Information

This Release Note describes the new features and changes for 4000 Series firmware version 1.20. The firmware files for the 4000 Series MMT and MPT transmitters are included with the Firmware Loader version 1.41. The expected availability of Firmware Loader version 1.41 is September 7, 2004.

Software and Hardware Relevant to this Release

Firmware Loader version 1.41 contains firmware version 1.20 for 4000 Series transmitters.

Firmware Changes

  • A transmitter's internal sensor may now be cold booted, in addition to resetting the sensor parameters to default values, by selecting 'reset database' from the display.
  • Registers have been re-mapped for PID and Tertiary Damping / Span functions (see the 4000 Series Transmitters User and Reference Manual for details).
  • Static Pressure (SP) may be changed from absolute to gage directly from the local display.

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

If you are planning to upgrade the firmware in your 4000 Series transmitter to take advantage of the features and changes described above, it is recommended that the following steps be used. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure contact Control Microsystems Technical Support using the information in the footer of this document.

1. Obtain Firmware Loader 1.41

Send an email to You will be contacted with the information you need to obtain this release.

2. Install New Firmware in Target 4000 Series transmitter

  • Open the Firmware Loader and establish a serial or Ethernet connection with the target controller.
  • Click the Update Firmware button and select C:\Program Files \ Firmware Loader \ Firmware in the Look in: entry box.
  • Select the firmware file, appropriate for the controller you are using, and with the version listed above and then click the OK button.
  • Read the Confirm Update dialog to ensure you are loading the desired firmware and then click the Yes button to complete the firmware installation.