General Information

The expected availability of this 4000 Series Firmware 1.10 release is June 30, 2004.

4000 Series Firmware 1.10 Features

  • Support has been added for the 4012MPT (Modbus Pressure Transmitter) and the 4032MPT.

4000 Series Firmware 1.20 Details

  • The TCP Idle timeout value, as entered using the 4000 Series Configurator, is correctly used in the 4000 Series transmitters.
  • The 4000 Series transmitter sensor returns an exception response when the atmospheric reference is written when the sensor is in online mode.
  • The operating limits, range limits, and atmospheric reference value are updated when the sensor mode is changed from gage to absolute or from absolute to gage.
  • When a reset database command is executed via Modbus commands the unit codes are correctly changed in the sensor.
  • The 4000 Series transmitter database is refreshed when the sensor rejects a value, due to being in online mode, to ensure that any erroneous values are replaced with correct values. In addition the database is always refreshed when the sensor goes to online mode.
  • The operating range limits are correctly checked before the 4000 Series transmitter accepts them. The UOL (Upper Operating Limit) and LOL (Lower Operating Limit) are accepted if the LOL < UOL for all operating limits. In addition for static pressure the LOL must be >= 0 for absolute pressure, or (0 – Atmospheric Pressure) for gage pressure.
  • The AOUT output value is refreshed continuously even when it does not change.