General Information

This Release Note describes changes to the 4000 Series Display Module, effective of August 19, 2011.

The Invensys displays used by the 4000 Seies product line have changed. The display used will depend on the manufacturer of the SI board connected to the display.

Reasons for Change

  • Invensys has discontinued production of the original displays. Investigation into the new displays found that modifications to the new Invensys displays were necessary when the displays were used with a 4299SI board. The displays must be unmodified to function with an Invensys SI board.
  • Invensys has modified the firmware to flash the display firmware version at power-up. Only firmware versions tested by Engineering may be shipped.
  • New displays will now contain a label that cautions the customer against moving the display.
Details of the different versions of 4000 Series Displays can be found at:
How do I Distinguish Different Versions of 4000 Series Displays?