General Information

This note describes the changes included in the 4000 Series Configurator software version 1.60.1 released on October 31, 2014.

Previous changes to the 4000 Series Configurator are spelled out in release notes for the Configuration Disk

Improvements made in 4000 Series Configurator 1.60.1

  • Consistent background color between help dialog and application
  • 4000 Series Configurator Manual does not specify Reference Temp for in. of H2O
  • State reference temperature for DP in inches H2O units
  • Change contact information
  • Schneider Electric branding
  • Verify Windows 7 Compatibility

Corrections made in 4000 Series Configurator 1.60.1

  • Communication error when attempting to find transmitter on Windows 7
  • Find Transmitter causes Run-time error 380.
  • Run-time error '5': after pressing "Alt-O" on Communication settings dialog.
  • Minor corrections to documentation
  • "Run-time error 6: Over Flow" reported and then application becomes unresponsive.
  • Error of communication was acknowledged but attempt to communicate with transmitter again.