Protocols & Communication


How do I get the Lantronix UDS1100-IAP communicating over DNP?


Most of the settings can be left at default except for the following:

Under Serial Settings > Pack Controls, Enable Packing needs to be checked off. A small Idle Gap Time will prbably suffice but it might need to be increased if there are radios invovled to accomodate latencies and delays from the radio network.

Under Connection > Endpoint Configuration, the Local Port will need to be set to match the port number of the end device. For example a SP32 would have, by default, DNP in TCP enabled on port 20000.

If using the Lantronix serial DB25 to DB9 interface, cable part number 297218 can go from the DB9 cable to the RJ45 serial connector on a SCADAPack. In particular, a straight through cable with the TX, RX and Gnd lines is needed.

SCADAPack DTE Function RJ45 pinout DB9 pinout DB9 DTE Function
RxD 5 2 RxD
TxD 6 3 TxD
Gnd 4 5 Gnd