The ViewX System Command does not function in the same way as the Windows command prompt. Some commands that work in the command prompt do not work in the ViewX System Command.

This is because the parameter for a System Command is passed directly to the Win32 function CreateProcess which is different to the way the command prompt works.

Some examples of commands that can be run by a ViewX System Command:

notepad path\filename

To run a batch file or executable:


Several programs can be run from the command prompt by typing

start program

however, Start is an internal command of the command processor ( so can't be run from a ViewX system command. The equivalent instruction for a ViewX System Command is

cmd /c start program

which launches a new command processor then executes 'start program', where 'program' can be replaced with, for example, 'winword', 'wordpad', 'acrord32' to run Microsoft Word, Microsoft Wordpad and Adobe Acrobat Reader respectively.

Generally, if you are trying to open a document, you would use the Hyperlink Pick Action and link to a file. The document will then open in the windows default program for that file type. The same applies to running executables. The System Command is useful if you want a bit more flexibility than the default options allow.

Note that the format for the ViewX system command is the same as that required for the Logic SYSTEM command.