There have been cases reported where ViewX will crash on opening certain mimics. In these cases, analysis of the crash dumps has found machine specific problems related to the drawing of mimics with anti-alias enabled.

The crash appears to be in the Microsoft GDI+ graphics library, where it is attempting to render anti-aliased edges. This might be caused by a problem with graphics drivers or GDI+. You can check to see if anti-aliasing is turned on, and if so try turning it off.

To do this:

  • Run ViewX.
  • Open the "Tools" - "Options" dialog.
  • Select the "Mimics" Tab
  • Uncheck the option "Enable Anti-Aliasing".

The first solution is to turn off anti-aliasing and see if this fixes the problem. You could also try to update graphics card drivers and see if this solves the problem.