The licence server provides client-side licensing to clients connecting to ClearSCADA with the client licensing option enabled.

When clients attempt to connect to ClearSCADA they will connect first to the ClearSCADA Licence Server and either be granted a licence or be refused. If they are granted a licence, they connect to the ClearSCADA server and are able to access the system.

However, if they are refused, the client connection still proceeds to the server but will only be given a licence from the server pool if the server has a free licence.

The licence server provides a diagnostic port which can be used to view the allocation and de-allocation of licenses when they happen. The licence server will only accept connections from the local machine, with the exception of data passed over the diagnostic port.

Client side licensing is configured in the ClearSCADA Client applet in the Control Panel. Licenses currently in-use statistics are also available in the applet.

  1. Jan 23

    Andy Williams says:

    SUP-9606 highlights a problem affecting Build 78 and Build 79 (ClearSCADA 2017 R...

    SUP-9606 highlights a problem affecting Build 78 and Build 79 (ClearSCADA 2017 R1 and ClearSCADA 2017 R2), in which the 'NT Service\LICENCESERVER' service account is used to run the LicenceServer leading to a changed MachineId and non-working Client Licence files.