ClearSCADA provides security features designed to:

  • Protect your system from unauthorized users
  • Restrict user access to items and features so that users only make use of those features for which they have been suitably trained
  • Allocate security permissions quickly and with minimal effort.

You can allocate permissions to each User account and User Group. Every item in the database can have its own set of permissions, or can be set to inherit the permissions that have been set for a parent Group or a Group Instance. The default setting for every new database item is for that item to inherit the security permissions of its parent Group (the Group that contains the item, which is the System group if the item is not within a Group folder).

The permissions determine whether a user can access the features for an item, including configuration features, alarms, and controls. By allocating different permissions to different users and User Groups, you can restrict system activities. For example, you can restrict the configuration of security settings so that only users with system administration knowledge or training can access the Security window.

The permissions that you allocate on the Security window for a database item define which of the item's features are available to the defined users and User Groups.